Thursday, March 29, 2012

PCF Team Spring Tracks Flip Flop Scavenger Hunt- $400 in prizes :)

Hey there everyone!

The PCF Team on Etsy is having a great event for April! It is called the Spring Tracks Flip Flop Scavenger Hunt! There will be 40 shops, and all will have a hidden picture that you will have to "hunt" through their shop items for! Each shop has donated a prize worth at least a $10 value; that is a total of $400 plus in prizes...woohoo!!! There will be a total of 8 prize packs given out (winners will be chosen at random, based upon number of entries they have)...each prize pack will consist of 5 each winner will get a prize pack of at least an incredible $50 about that? The contest will begin at 12:00 noon EST on April 17th, and will run for one week; all entries must be submitted by midnight April 24th.

To enter, you have to go to a directed starting point (that will be given the day before the event), and then follow the links to the next shop...every time you find the hidden picture, that item description will give you a link to the next shop. As you go through the shops, make a list of all shops, in the order you are given them. At the very last shop, you will be given an email address; you will send the completed list to this address. If anything is incorrect, you will be notified, and given a chance to re-do the hunt to get it all right! :)

Everyone who sends a complete shop list, in the correct order, will receive one entry to win a prize pack. If you "fave" the shops as you go through (you have to fave every single shop..this means having an Etsy account, and adding each one of the 40 shops to your "favorite shops" list..simply click on the tab to the left that says ♥add to favorites), then you get another entry. If you "fave" one item from each shop as you go through (again,  you have to fave an item from every single do this...when you have a single item from a shop pulled up..look to the right, and click the ♥icon that says "favorite"), then you will get a third entry. If you share the shops' item (again, this means one item from each of the 40 do this, simply look to the right when you have an item from a shop open...and click on the FB like button, or the Tweet button, and follow the steps to share the item) on your Facebook or Twitter account (you must send Nichole Kidd (Ciara & Company Bowtique) the link(s) where you shared the items,  so she can verify you have done so) can also gain 1-2 more entries to win a prize pack! If you blog about the team event, and send Nichole (info above) a link to the blog post, you will get 5 extra entries! So, you have the opportunity to receive a total of 10 entries to win a prize pack in total!

In addition, Nichole (and maybe other shops...a surprise) will be giving away 1 surprise random drawing prize pack! The winner of this pack, will only be chosen amongst those who make purchases from one or more of the 40 shops. To be included, purchases must be a $10.00 minimum, before using any coupon codes that the shop(s) have can be less than $10 after coupons! :) You will get 1 entry for the surpise prize pack, for each dollar you spent at different shops will be combined for your total entry points. Please send all transaction links to Nichole (info above) for validation of purchases!

Winners will be chosen on April 25th! :) They will be announced here on my blog, on the PCF Team blog, on other member's blogs, on the PCF Team Etsy Group, and on the PCF Team Facebook page! You can join us on Facebook to keep up to date on this event, plus all of our ever-so-cool upcoming events...we always have something in the works! :) Our PCF Team Facebook page can be located at:!/pcfteam

You can also see pics of all the donated prizes for this event on the FB go check it will see for yourself, we are talking some great loot here for the 8 winners of this event! (Surpise Prize Pack pics will not be is a surprise, lol..but most fabulous indeed)!

If you love this event, let us know...we are thinking of doing them often..let us know you want us to! :)

Good luck, and we hope to see you there!


  1. I would love to do this but I have a 50th anniversary April 28 so will be busy getting ready for that. Have fun.

  2. This scavenger hunt is going to be AWESOME!!!
    I'm a your newest follower (#50!!!) and glad to be here. Hope you'll come and check out my blog too.