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Bear Haven Boutique-Review- Owner Lesa Rumbalski

  I am writing a review today to inform all of my wonderful followers about a new company I have had the distinct pleasure of doing business with! Everyone loves Build-a-Bear...right? But they are way too expensive, and they sell the same things over and over again. Besides that, the children do not get to make their own toy...that is not the case at Bear Haven Boutique. All stuffables come with stuffing and whatever accessories you purchase, and the kids stuff them at home themselves. It takes like 2 minutes..there is no sewing involved and is easy peasy! I have found the most amazing company, along the lines of Build-a-Bear...but so much better, and want to share it with all of you! They have a huge variety of stuffables...dolls...and animals in all different sizes. Some things I ordered for my children, and the owner Lesa Rimbalski sent me other items at no charge, to review.

  When dealing with children's items, a parent is always at a confused state! There are always so many things out there; often children ask for these expensive electronics that they play with for a couple of weeks and then get bored with them. That equals money down the drain. Times change; but the one thing that has remained the same throughout the ages, is that ALL children, no matter the age, want that special stuffed toy to love and make them feel safe. Bear Haven Boutique has such a huge selection, that there is something to please very child.

  My daughter is obsessed with all things Chihuahua since the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie came out; so when I saw that Bear Haven Boutique offered a stuffable chihuahua, I was over the moon. She is so cute..she is light beige with sweet pink ears...her name is "Chewy" the chihuahua; she is 8 inches and only $9.00...wow! I expected her to be cheaply made for that price; but boy was I wrong...she is fluffy, soft, and constructed extremely well! My daughter fell in love and has been wagging her around like she is gold, though she renamed her "Tiana". "Chewy" can be found at the following link:


  The second item that I purchased was "Brown Patches" the bear. He is also 8 inches, and so adorable. He is a beige shade, and he has hearts on his chest and head. The hearts are sweet brown and white plaid. He was absolutely perfect for my 3-year-old son! He, just like the Chihuahua is soft, fluffy, and extremely well made. He is the perfect teddy bear for any teddy bear lover, and he can be found at:


  But Bear Haven offers so many more animal and stuffables besides these two. Children and parents have tons of items to choose from, in sizes from 8 inches all the way up to 18 inches! Their  8 inch stuffables include items like: poodle, chihuahua, bears, monkey, pink unicorn, penguin, purple bears, a fox, and a lab...all 8 inch stuffables are only $9.00...wow! Their 12 inch stuffables include: bears, a beaver, a calico cat, a gorgeous striped cat, a dragon, a hound dog, a kangaroo, a lion, a sweet puppy, a racoon, a turtle, purple unicorn, a tiger, and a stunning zebra...all 12 inch stuffables are only a low $12.00...amazing! Their 16 inch stuffables include: a pink poodle, a bengal tiger, a black and yellow bee, a bunny rabbit, a dinosaur, a lab, a lion, a blue-eyed kitty cat, a cow, a monkey, a purple unicorn, an orange tabby cat, a fox, a red-nosed reindeer, a husky, and elephant, a penguin, a dlamation, a patches doggie, a hawk, a honey bear, a wolf, a black cat, a brown bear, gargoyles, green trolls, pink and purple (embossed) bears, and a red heart printed LOVE bear...all 16 inch stuffables are only $14.00-$16.00...an incredible value for the quality you receive! Can you believe all those amazing choices? I was overjoyed!

  So, I bet you are amazed right? I know I was! They have so much to choose from, and things that are suitable for boys or girls...young children, older children...and even teens and mommmies; I still love my teddy bears and stuffed animals! Is a person ever really to old to love a huggable friend? I don't think so, lol! But, what if you have a little girl who is a princess and likes all things girly, like my daughter? Well guess what...Bear Haven Boutique has you covered there too; they have 18 inch stuffable dolls. I received one of these for my daughter as one of the products to review, and let me tell you... it is so sweet! She received the Amanda doll; she has sweet red hair with blue bows and can be dressed however your child wants to dress her...my daughter's was sent with a sweet pleated skirt and t-shirt..and she is simply adorable all dressed up! She is too cute, and my daughter adores her...I just know yours will love a stuffed doll she gets to make herslef too! It gives children a sense of pride and accomplishment when they can make something and then show it off! The dolls are available here and are only  $10.00!


  The fun still does not stop at Bear Haven Boutique! They have dinosaur excavation kits, which I also received to review! These kits are amazng! It is such a great learning adventure for your little ones, and fun at the same time! They are only $9.95, and my son is only 3, but he has played with this kit for hours on end! They are availbale at:


  Bear Haven Boutique also has a sweet princess boutique with princess tutu and matching shirt sets (which my daughter happened to see when I was gathering all of my links for this review, and she is absolutely is dying to review, lol..she is autistic and rarely asks for anything, but she fell in love with the princess boutique clothing), princess hats, princess tea sets, princess wings and so much more! The princess boutique can be found here:


But what about the boys..again..Bear Haven Boutique has thought of it all...for the boys they have a superhero shop...it features superhero masks, capes, and superhero clothes for your pets...we also received a superhero (superbear) outfit for review for my son's bear and it is completely adorable, and again very well-made!
The superhero shop can be found here:


Actually, there are tons of clothing, shoes, and accessories for your children's new stuffables....and when they have completed their animal or doll...Bear Haven Boutique offers reusable totes so they can wag their new friend everywhere in style; we also received 2 of these and they are sturdy and can be used for many things...the kids adore them! They even have a stuffable pillow pet too!

  Whatever child you are buying a gift for, Bear Haven Boutique has you covered. There is so much more that they have to offer than I have listed here...you have to go check it out for yourself and see how amazing they are...it is a one-stop shop...it truly is! You can shop at Bear Haven Boutique by using the following link:


  They even have gifts for moms and dads too! All animals can have a birth certificate, hearts, and even sound modules added to them, to truly create a one-of-a-kind gift! Perhaps one of the offerings that I adored the most, was that they offer party packs of stuffables...a party including everything you need to create 6 stuffables for a party start at only $74.99...you can even get invitations and banners here too...party packs can be found here:


party supplies can be found here:


 They even have a birthday club for children 12 and under wher they send your child a card and a birthday gift..I know I am am going to sign my children up for sure..you can find the birthday club here:


I have truly fallen in love with Bear Haven Boutique and I know you will too...check it out today! If you have any questions, the owner Lesa Rumbalski is one of the sweetest people I have ever met, and will gladly help you!


  I am not in any way, shape, or form affiliated with Bear Haven Boutique. I was not paid for this review; however I was given some free items for reviewing purposes. I did also purchase some items. All review opinions are 100% my own, and are honest, true opinions of mine. I was genuinely very pleased with the level of customer service and the quality of all of the items I received from Bear Haven Botuotique, and I would recommend it to everyone with kids in there life!

Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day! Be blessed til the next review,
Hugs ~ Nichole :)

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