Friday, October 21, 2011

Fekkai Haircare - BzzAgent Product Review

     Hello is time for yet another product review from one of my Bzz Campaigns from BzzAgent! For this campaign, I was sent a FREE bottle of Fekkai shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. I was pleasantly surprised when the bottles arrived...the bottles have a nice..almost rubbery feel to them, and they do not slip in your hands in the shower. Next, I smelled the products..and oh my goodness did they smell amazing.
     Many hair care products smell good in the bottles, but the scent somehow disappears from your hair once your hair dries. With the Fekkai hair smells amazing all day or night, and even into the next day! This is something that is very important to me, as I always like to feel confident that I smell and look clean and fresh at all times. I have received tons of compliments on how my hair smells...every time someone hugs me..they say "gee, your hair smells so good...what perfume or hair spritz are you using?" They are very surprised to learn that the only thing in my hair is shampoo, glossing serum, and conditioner from the Fekkai line! :)
     However, these Fekkai products go way beyond making my hair smell clean and fresh! This color protection line has really kept my color from fading. Generally, the first couple of times you wash your hair after coloring, you will lose a little color each time. This is definitely NOT the case with this Fekkai line! My color is still as rich and vibrant as it was the day I colored demarcation from new color to old color...nothing! It feels great to not have to worry about color fade anymore..and to be able to wash my hair as often as I would worries or frets!
      Now, if all of that was not good enough...these products also leave my hair soooooo shiny! Just the shampoo and conditioner alone, leave my hair soft, shiny, tangle-free, and manageable...but...they have this amazing product called Glossing Serum as well! I just apply the glossing serum to my hair (either when wet or dry) and style as usual. It leaves it so very soft, and the shine is unbeatable! It looks simply luxurious! Also, unlike other glossing serums I have tried in the past, it does not weigh down my hair, or make it look greasy in any way.
     I cannot be more happy that I am a BzzAgent and got to be a part of this awesome BzzCampaign! My hair is happy, and so am I. I also received FREE sample sachets and gave these out to some girlfriends of mine. They all had the same wonderful results, and have received compliment after compliment! The best piece of information that I could pass on to show just how much Fekkai products can change your hair for the better, is that my husband actually said to me "Honey..your hair looks so pretty and smells great...what are you doing different?" I was thrilled with that! We are all trying to get our significant other's attention..but sometimes that can be hard, huh? This worked wonders for me and my hair.
   Do yourself, and your hair, a favor today and go out and try the Fekkai line that is right for your hair. You will be very glad you did! You will get compliments everywhere you will boost your confidence..and your hair will look and smell fabulous. Also, if you would like to be able to get FREE products to try, samples and coupons for your friends and family, and be able to be the voice of all things cool in your social circle...go to and sign up to be a BzzAgent is free, and they are an amzing comapny who genuinely cares for and rewards their agents! is soooo fun! :)

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