Saturday, October 1, 2011

Birchbox Membership- $10.00 month for beauty samples

Good morning everyone! I know that I love my beauty products. What's more is I love to sample high quality products that are more expensive, before committing to buying a large expensive size of the item. With birchbox, now you get to do it all. Birchbox offers 2 membership choices: choice 1 is $10.00 per month, choice 2 is paying for an entire year at $110, and getting the first month an annual membership gets you 100 free birchbox points to get you started well on yo0ur way to your first reward!. For this small fee, members get 4-5 deluxe samples of high quality, top name brand beauty product samples delivered right to their door every single month, and FREE shipping is included in the $10.00 can't beat that :).

If you like the samples, you can conveniently buy a full-sized item right from the shop right there on Birhcbox! Each purchase earns you Birchbox points to redeem for discounts and specials. You also get points for referring others to Birchbox as well. Free shipping on all orders of full-sized items you like, over $50.00 as well! So go ahead girls, let the beauty sampling party begin! Head on over to Birchbox today, and sign yourself up!

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