Friday, September 23, 2011

Bil Jac Dog food Bzz Campaign

I am a Bzz Agent! When you are a BZZAgent you get free samples to try, coupons, and coupons to give out to friends and family! I have gotten to try shoe inserts, dog and cat foods, books, makeup, and right now I am waiting on a Tonka Tricksters truck. It is free to join, and free for campaigns. All you have to do, is try the products, give out the coupons, and share your, share on FB, Tweet, give reviews. Sign up today at is so much fun!

This was a campaign for Bil Jac dog food! Did you know that Bil Jac uses more real chicken in their food than any other brand? My dog eats less, and loves the tatse too! There was no transitioning like with other foods, you just switch! I am using the one for small breeds dogs, and it is little pellet shapes, and so easy for my little yorkies to eat! Give it a try :)

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