Friday, September 30, 2011


Itemize is a great new site that is designed for those of us who love to shop...and better yet..those who love a great deal! Compare hundreds of deals from all sorts of brands, name it...all in one place. It also allows you to get daily deal emails that are personalized to your shopping preferences! Sign up today at:

20% off Coupon For Maurices-Valid for next 3 days only

   One of my favorite places to shop for clothing, is Maurices! They have all sorts of styles, and fit the very slim to the full-figured plus size woman. For all my followers, here is a coupon for 20% off your purchase from Maurices..instore or online. Better hurry though, the coupon is only valid through October 2, 2011, but it can be used over and over again during this use it yourself, and pass it on to friends and family!

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FREE Letter from Santa for your kids/grandkids

  Today's awesome FREEBIE is for all those great kids in your life. This is for  FREE letter from Santa for them. Hurry, because the letters must be received by Santa by December 21st, for him to send a return letter :) ENJOY!

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FREE sample of Disney Gummy Vitamins for Kids-Choose Cars or Princesses

  Here is another great FREEBIE opportunity for you all today! This is for a FREE sample pack...absolutely FREE, including FREE shipping, of Disney's gummy viatmins for kids. It does not matter if you have a boy or a girl, as you can choose between Disney's Cars, or the Disney Princess vitamins! Get your FREE sample today!

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FREE Bram Stoker's Dracula- Kindle Edition- E Book from Amazon

  Here is an awesome FREEBIE for today. A free kindle version of Bram Stoker's Dracula from Amazon. Just in time for spooky Halloween...get your copy today!

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2 FREE Harlequin e books for you to try out!

Here is an offer for 2 FREE Harlequin eBooks for you to try, with no obligation to continue getting them. If you like them and want to keep getting them do nothing. If you do not like them, and cancel and the 2 FREE books are yours to keep with no further obligation. They are great, as they send FREE gifts with your monthly orders as well. They have all sorts of other types of books as well: fiction, drama, teen, name view all eBook offers to choose a different style of book series :)

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

FREE Make Your Own Jewelry- 22 pattern E-Book for Download

Have you always wanted to make your own jewelry? Have you ever looked at other people's handmade jewelry and thought "wow, I wish I could do that?" Would you like to give a gift a jewlery that you made with your own 2 hands? If you answered yes to any, or all, of those questions, follow the link to download a great FREE E-book...Jewelry For You. It has 22 designs/styles, and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make each one...with colorful pictures to guide you along the way...including: bracelets, neckalces, earrings, etc. Go get your copy today, and share the link with family and friends! Be sure to follow my blog, to make sure you are "in the know" on all my great FREEBIE finds :)

FREE Cat Food 3 pack sample box from Royal Canine

Here is a link to get your FREE 3 sample box pack of Royal Canine Cat purchase necessary, and FREE shipping! Thanks for following my blog: I will continue to bring you great freebies and reviews! Keep reading! :)

FREE issue of Better Homes and Gardens & FREE cookie Cookbook

Here is a link to get one FREE issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, and a FREE copy of most loved cookies purchase necessarfy, and no commitment to buy anything else! Enjoy, and thanks for following my blog! I will continue to bring you more fun freebies :)

FREE 60 Day Trial of True Care-Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet!!

  Do you have children, who get on the internet, social sites, etc., and you worry about their safety during these activities? Do you worry about cyber bullying, online predators, and much more? Then I have the deal of a lifetime for you!! As a BZZAgent, I got to try TrueCare's services, and they are incredible. You get emails of any suspicious activity in your kids' accounts, and you do not have to worry about looking over their shoulders, making them feel like their privacy is being invaded! It is amazing! What's more, is I am giving you a link to get a FREE 60 day trial, so you can check it out for yourself! If you like it after that, it is only $9.99 a month...a small price to pay for piece of mind! Sign up for your trial today, and protect your kids...and pass the link along to friends and family too!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bzz Agent Review-Hill's Science Dite Senior 11+ Age Defying Cat Food

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 This Bzz Campaign was for Science Diet's new senior age defying cat food. It is for cats age 11 and older. This has been a truly great experience for my cats, and I gave some to my mother as well for her cats. It was no time at all, before the cats were starting to act like kittens again! They have been playing, jumping up onto and off of the furniture, sprinting, chasing name it. It is very small sized bites...they look like little paws or flower shapes, so they are very easy for older dogs to eat. The transition from their old food to the Science Diet Senior Age defying was very easy as well. There was no upset stomach at all. I have actually noticed that their coats are softer and shinier, and they have had less hair balls as well! If your cat just isn't his/herself anymore, put the pep back into their step by giving them Science Diet's Senior 11+ Age Defying cat will be glad you did!

   I was in not paid to give this opinion. I am a BZZAgent. As a BzzAgent, I get free samples of products to test and try in the privacy of my own home. I also get free coupons to hand out to friends and family to save them money. I have gotten to try makeup, pet foods, books, medicines, and most recently got a Tonka Tricksters remote control car my kids! All I have to do is review the products and then spread the word! If you would like to become a BzzAgent, and get to try all sorts of cool things...go to, and sign up to be an agent today!

Friday, September 23, 2011

FREE $5.00 off Tea Coupon

Who all here likes to drink hot tea? I am a huge hot tea drinker...I love my flavored teas! I am a member of an awesome tea site, and am extending a FREE $5.00 off your first purchase coupon to all of my blog followers and readers! All you have to do to get your FREE $5.00 off coupon, is comment on this post with your firts and last name and email address, and I will whip it right over to you! Happy drinking :)

John Grisham "The Confession" Bzz Campaign Book Review

I have always been a huge John Grisham fan, so you cannot imagine my elation when I discovered that I would be getting a free copy of "the Confession" in a Bzz Campaign with BzzAgent. I oddly enough, had never red The Confession before. One word says it all....WOW! This is a keep you at the edge of your seat page turner, if I ever read one...and believe me, I have, lol! This is an excellent book, to say the least! His new book "The Litigators" will be released very soon, so keep your eye out for it, if you are a Grisham Fan!

As a BzzAgent, I get all sorts of free stuff to try, and coupons to give out to my wonderful friends and family! I have really enjoyed it alot, and have gotten to try many great things in the process, some of which I wonder how I ever lived without, lol! I will keep you posted and write you reviews for all my wonderful campaigns from her eon out..and if you want to experience some for yourself, head on over to www.bzzagent .com, and get signed up to be a BzzAgent is totaly free!

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Bil Jac Dog food Bzz Campaign

I am a Bzz Agent! When you are a BZZAgent you get free samples to try, coupons, and coupons to give out to friends and family! I have gotten to try shoe inserts, dog and cat foods, books, makeup, and right now I am waiting on a Tonka Tricksters truck. It is free to join, and free for campaigns. All you have to do, is try the products, give out the coupons, and share your, share on FB, Tweet, give reviews. Sign up today at is so much fun!

This was a campaign for Bil Jac dog food! Did you know that Bil Jac uses more real chicken in their food than any other brand? My dog eats less, and loves the tatse too! There was no transitioning like with other foods, you just switch! I am using the one for small breeds dogs, and it is little pellet shapes, and so easy for my little yorkies to eat! Give it a try :)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Blog!

Good morning,
  I am new to the blogging world, and this is my first blog ever! You hear the words blog, and blogging almost on a daily basis, and I suppose it is time I moved into this century :) I make handmade hair accessories for girls and women of all ages. I have many designs in my shop at, and I also love to make custom is a pic of one of my latest custom orders that was for a cow themed fundraiser walk :). What kind of hair accessories do you like? I cuurently have a sale in my shop..this week only..the entire store is 15% off, no coupon code needed. I also offer free shipping on all custom orders of $30.00 and up! Have a great day, and be fabulous :)